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Workplace Conflict Solutions

What if you could prevent workplace conflict before it became a crisis?  What if there was a way for employees to handle their differences before disrupting productivity?  What if your office had a set of clearly outlined protocols for resolving workplace conflict?

After more than 40 years of helping people at their very worst resolve conflict, Ronald Supancic has developed a dynamic set of tools and protocols to proactively manage workplace conflict and help resolve it when it arises in the workplace.  

This program is specifically designed for implementation by corporations, small businesses, human resource professionals, and family businesses. 

Ron has successfully presented his system for Workplace Conflict Solutions in a 90 minute introductory workshop to businesses and college business programs.  His workbook and workshop serve as an excellent introduction to his day-long Workplace Conflict Retreat which is designed for organizations with a culture of conflict who wish to change their paradigm and increase their effectiveness and productivity.  The provided materials and hands-on exercises make implementing his methods and protocols easy and accessible. 

Call (818) 348-6700 to discuss pricing and schedule an office workshop with Ron or a conflict solution session with one of our highly trained professional peace-makers.