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Here is what people are saying about the Los Angeles Family Law attorneys at The Law Collaborative, APC:

Hello Ron,

Just a quick note to thank you for your assistance in our divorce mediation. The introductory session with you gave me important assurances, and things finally worked out pretty much as you foresaw in that meeting. Our budget probably offered the greatest incentive to getting through as quickly as possible, and your comments about my spouse needing time to process the realities of the situation were right on.

Thanks again, I would recommend you to anyone considering divorce, and suggest that any couple approach you together to corroborate (something that just didn't work out for us).



By the time our daughter was six years old, my wife and I had reached the point where divorce seemed the only option. The atmosphere at home was toxic, and our child was in the middle of it. Both of us met with Ron to discuss how to proceed. While we knew my wife would have to engage her own separate attorney, we were looking to Ron to explain the procedures and outline the road map.

Ron’s non-confrontational approach, his emphasis on mutual cooperation and respect for the sake of our child made a difficult decision and process unexpectedly civil. While our divorce was finalized, Ron’s guidance of our family’s crisis, allowed my wife and I to ultimately reconcile for the sake of our daughter and keep our family together.

Now with our daughter in college and seeing what a wonderful adult she has become, I credit it all to the fact that we kept our family together through a very hard time, and that all started with Ron Supancic.

J.B., Los Angeles, California

I want to express my appreciation to you, Ty and everyone in The Collaborative Law office.  You are the most professional, approachable, and knowledgeable team that I grew to rely on and trust for the most honest feedback!  I especially appreciate Ty's counsel, that many times gave me the confidence to push ahead.   And I'll never forget the "5 Pillars of a Happy Marriage from a talk I heard Ty give online.  I've since shared that concept with quite a few friends.

Best wishes and many blessings!

Dear Ron:

It is absolutely true, knowledge is power. It is with great appreciation that I write to you and thank you for providing such valuable and useful information regarding the divorce process through your podcasts. The divorce experts you have brought together from all aspects; high powered attorneys, judges, psychologists and mental health professionals, to name just a few, have shared information that have empowered me with knowledge that would not be possible to obtain on my own. You have made a significant contribution to my divorce, as well as to my life, and I am grateful beyond words. 

Michelle W. CEO, Northern California

I just want to thank you so much for dealing with me the way you did today. I also want to thank you for all the advice you have given me; once again I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you for all your hard work. 

S.K., Los Angeles


I wanted you to know that you should be, and I'm sure you are, inordinately proud of your son, Ty. I am extremely impressed with the letter he wrote on my behalf. I have got to tell you, he took my direction extremely well. I appreciate it tremendously. As I indicated in my earlier email, I very much appreciate the efforts you and your staff have expended on my account for the last twelve years. Thank you. He's done you proud. 

Michael S., Los Angeles

I just wanted to thank you for what you've done for me and my kids yesterday. It's been a blessing. I thank God and I appreciate what you've done. Thank you very very very much and I would like to say I'm looking forward to working with you more on this file, but I know it's kind of awkward to say something like that. It's not fun. But I appreciate everything you've done for me and my kids and obviously, needless to say, I want you to keep on working on my file and we'll keep on going until this is resolved. Thank you very much and God bless you.

S., Los Angeles

I absolutely loved speaking with Ron Supancic. He gave me wonderful coaching and based on his wise advice, my husband and I have reconciled! If, heaven forbid, we split up again, we will definitely call The Law Collaborative. But things are going great and we couldn't be happier. Thank you! 

C.B., Downey

Dear Ty,

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that words are not sufficient to show my appreciation for your work at this moment. So, I will simply say again that I have been tremendously blessed to have you represent me and advocate for me. 

You have attended to my every legal need with great speed and efficiency. And, having you as my advocate created a much-needed protective barrier between me and my ex, which has prevented me from being further victimized by him. You have been absolutely tireless in your efforts to guide me through this sometimes difficult process in a thorough yet warm manner, and have consistently represented me well on all fronts. You have also boosted my spirits by reminding me that you are "on my side" as my attorney when I was having a tough time emotionally and venting in frustration about my situation.

Your clients are blessed to have you as their legal representative. 

 M.E., Laguna

Some time ago, you provided me and my wife -- or soon-to-be ex-wife -- with excellent advice at a mediation session in Burbank. Thanks very much for the very good session. 

 M.O., Burbank

I wanted to say thank you to Ron for what he said to my husband and me – it made a lot of sense. We got into counseling – I didn't think my husband would go but we've been going every week and it's great. He said he wants to work things out and I am so happy. Thank you, Ron, for meeting with us and inspiring us to save our marriage. 

 P.B., West Hills


I have the deepest respect for you and your practice, as I know first-hand your talent in skillfully navigating a client through a complicated divorce and custody battle.  However, most valued is your counsel and encouragement on how to move beyond divorce, which results in your clients becoming the true winners. Thanks again!

 T.H., Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Supancic, 

Thank you for your gracious gift of time to G and F at their consultation. Any time that I refer a client to you, I personally know that they are in good hands. In this instance, you did go way beyond the call of your expertise and wisdom in a very difficult situation and G advised that they used more of your time than they expected. We are very, very grateful for your time and wisdom and compasson. Feel free to call upon me for any referral or testimony that I may provide to any future clients. As we have worked very closely together in years past, I am very aware of your integrity and desire to save the family unity as much as possible. 

Thank you, 
Donna Hoffer, CRS, SFR

Dear Ron: 

Myself, my wife, and her attorney were in your office for a recent Mediation and we went away technically without an agreement, and you reported such in your Statement of Non-agreement. However, I wanted to let you know that the matter did resolve immediately thereafter, in large part to your efforts at the Mediation. I just wanted to say thank you and wish you the best this holiday season. 

M.S., Los Angeles, CA 

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