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Additional Family Law Client Testimonials for The Law Collaborative

Clients praise the work of attorneys at The Law Collaborative, Los Angeles, APC.

When I think of God's gift, I'm reminded that the best gift we can give to others is ourselves, whether it's our time, our encouragement, or our prayers. You've given much more to me and my family than you could ever know, because you've given of yourself. A true professional.

A.H., Woodland Hills


Your unsurpassed intelligence, legal skills, work ethic, sense of humor, unwavering kindness, and cheerful personality truly brought out the best in me. I developed great confidence in your abilities, and this allowed me to focus on the sometimes emotionally difficult work I had to complete. Equally important to me was feeling encouraged and supported by you every step of the way. Your positive outlook kept me from becoming undermined by doubt. Thank you for guiding me and helping me make my case, Ty.  

M.E., Laguna

I am writing to thank you so much for your coaching during a difficult and challenging time for me and my wife. I was on the verge of divorce, but you wisely counseled me to ask questions and to listen to the answers with empathy rather than be angry and suspicious. I consulted numerous attorneys and you were the only one that gave me both legal and marriage advice which helped me to see other options besides a messy divorce. I truly believe that anyone who is contemplating divorce would be well-advised to talk with you first. I have since moved back in with my wife, and we have both recommitted to the marriage and to each other. Thank you for the compassion and the wisdom.  

A.C., Los Angeles


Your name, face, and words of wisdom have been at the forefront of my mind lately…and I am full of gratitude for having met you and been in your legal care. You one time told me that life would soon be terrific for me…and it truly is! Truly I am living a blessed life! Again, thank you for taking great care of me! Bless you.

Y.H., Woodland Hills


I would like to drop a few lines to say thank you so much for your kindness. I know you went out of your way to help me and I appreciate it very much. People like you help us have a different vision about lawyers and the system. Thank you once more.

M.K., Winnetka

It was indeed a pleasure having you represent me in this unfortunate divorce. Thank you once again for all your help. You are truly a professional.

R.L., Lancaster

Thank you so much for such excellent service/representation and expedition!

L.A., Camarillo

Ron Supancic is a Certified Family Law Specialist whose focus is on the best interest of the child. He therefore will do anything to mitigate the tension between opposing parties. Mr. Supancic encourages his clients to actively participate in the process, to be informed and, most importantly, to be good parents. Mr. Supancic encourages honesty. This is because Ron Supancic is an honest man. Mr. Supancic is up-to-date on recent changes in family law. Choosing Ron Supancic proved to be one of the best possible decisions I could have made. He is respected by both his colleagues and the family law judges. More importantly, he made several decisions that were fundamental to winning what was a very difficult and contentious case. Ron Supancic is well studied, thorough, and his talent in the court should be described as nothing short of prodigious. I recommend him unconditionally.  I feel honored to have him as my attorney.

M.A., Winnetka

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I write this letter of appreciation to you and your staff for a job well done during the conduct of my recently completed domestic dispute. Throughout the entire procedure it remained evident that you do in fact maintain your reputation of being among the most competent attorneys in your field. Your office staff was never without an answer to any question in your absence, and they always accepted my phone calls in a courteous and professional manner. Success is truly a trademark of your endeavors, and you can rest assured that in the future, should the need arise, (hopefully not, however), I will again contact your office.

J.B., Sandy, UT 

We are grateful for your efforts, your knowledge and your attitude. I am especially pleased with myself for choosing your office to handle our divorce. I cannot thank you and your team enough. Your special mix of kindness and professionalism played no small part. I have only the highest praise for you and your team.

D.R., Arlington, TX 

Thank you so much for everything!  You, Ty, and everyone in your office have been so great to work with.  No words can tell you how much I appreciate the kindness and professionalism shown by all of you.

D.B., Westlake