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Rosalinda O'Neill, LMFT

Rosalinda O'Neill, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Rosalinda O'Neill holds a bachelor's degree in finance from the University of Miami and a master's in counseling psychology from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with expertise in addiction, conflict resolution, partner dynamics, relationship, trauma and achieving success. Rosalinda has over 30 years of high level corporate experience.  She resolves dilemmas, facilitates attainment of goals, and specializes in:

1.    Skills and tactical wisdom for success in work and life.
2.    Succession Planning and mentoring of Leaders and Rainmakers.
3.    Conflict resolution and communication skills
4.    Goal achievement, relationship building and conflict resolution for Boards of Directors
5.    Assessment and coaching of CEOs, EDs and Exec Teams

Rosalinda is President and founder of CEO LifeMentor®, Inc since 1984. As a psychotherapist, LifeMentor and consultant with decades of executive and partnership board room experience, Rosalinda works confidentially with powerful and successful people, and those who want to be, to:

•    Understand themselves better and develop successful relationships at work and home.
•    Identify and aleviate sabotaging behaviors with constructive and realistic goals.
•    Increase confidence and create success

Rosalinda is a member of the Physicians’ Diversion Evaluation Committee of the Medical Board of California.  Her non-profit leadership involvement includes Rotary International and Rotary Club of Beverly Hills, City of Hope Board of Governors and the American Heart Association, Ventura Division.

Rosalinda O’Neill has served as on-air expert for NBC’s television program "Extra" and for KABC and KRLA radio in Los Angeles, and appeared as a featured speaker for the California Judicial Council, California Bar Association, CalOSHA, Oregon OSHA, Rotary International, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and private corporations and organizations.