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Relationship Planning

People spend months planning their wedding, but most spend very little time consciously planning for their relationship.  Relationship experts tell us that many conflicts can be avoided by agreeing in advance on simple rules or guidelines.  When we know what’s expected of us, we can use that knowledge as a guide for personal conduct.  Unfortunately, many people rely on intuition or guessing when it comes to their partner’s expectations.  The resentment that builds up after years of guessing wrong, is what causes many relationships to fail.  Whether the wrong guesses involved finance, romance, or any other expectation, they could have been avoided by advance planning and the communication that goes into that process.

Living Together or Cohabitation Agreements and Prenuptial (Premarital) Agreements are useful tools for setting out those expectations in a clear and concise manner. The discussions involved in preparing for such agreements are useful forums for exploring areas that may become issues if not discussed and planned for in advance.

If you’re already in a relationship and find that finances or other issues are getting in the way of intimacy, a Post-Nuptial or Internuptial Agreement may provide the soft reset your relationship needs to get back on track.

If your relationship counselor has advised you to explore relationship planning, or if you and your partner have the wisdom and foresight to understand the importance of this process and the opportunities for growth and intimacy that they represent, contact one of our relationship planning attorneys and ask about our romantic Cohabitation, Premarital, and Postnuptial Agreements by calling  (888) 852-9961.