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An Important Quote from Chief Justice of California

"Marital dissolutions often are not merely legal or economic disputes. Because they arise out of the most intimate relationships, they implicate the basic personal, emotional and familial needs of parties and their children. Our court system increasingly has recognized that a judicial decree is far from the final word in a divorce; parental and fiscal responsibilities may last for many years. The collaborative approach, which includes attorneys for each party, as well as mental health professionals and neutral financial experts to support the family and guide the parties to mutually acceptable resolutions, can provide parties with complementary resources and dispute resolution methods that are simply unavailable in court."  -- Ronald M. George, California Supreme Court Chief Justice

Across the nation, courts are facing severe budget cuts that are hindering the people's right to justice. In California, specifically Los Angeles, courts are closing, cutting hours, laying off personnel, and worse. These days, if you file a divorce in a Los Angeles court, you won't get a hearing date in less than eighteen months. Even if you and your spouse were willing to agree to everything, if you try to divorce using the current court system, you'll find yourself in a long, bitter, drawn-out nightmare. But it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to go to court. At The Law Collaborative, we offer dispute resolution methods that are unavailable in court. To talk to a Los Angeles divorce lawyer today about your divorce, child custody, or other family law case, call us toll free at (818) 348-6700. We are here to serve you.