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Prenuptial Agreements

For those about to be married, a prenuptial agreement, also called a premarital agreement, is the one opportunity to opt out of the arcane and often harsh rules imposed on married people under California’s Family Law Code. A premarital agreement is extremely valuable, because it allows you to take your destiny into your own hands.    

In fact, for many, a premarital agreement may be the most important legal document that they enter into in their lifetime. When people marry in California, they receive a single piece of paper – a marriage license. The license does not even hint at the dizzying array of laws and regulations imposed by California State Law for simply saying “I do.” Ironically, even though married people in California are subject to these laws and regulations, the State does not require disclosures - even disclosures that are necessary when one buys an automobile or a piece of property. 

Because of the unique dictates of California law, cookie-cutter prenuptial agreement forms have little or no value. If such agreements are not properly drafted, or fail to take into account the unique circumstances of each couple, they can be rendered unenforceable. This could have costly consequences to the parties and members of their families.

Our family law attorneys are experienced in handling complex family law matters, and ably assist clients throughout Southern California to negotiate and prepare prenuptial agreements specifically tailored to individual needs and circumstances. We also prepare cohabitation, domestic partnership, and postnuptial agreements.

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