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Educational Family Law Podcasts / Audio Workshops

Listen to the latest Podcasts and Audio Workshops from The Law Collaborative. Find out about the most recent developments in Family Law, hear landmark decisions, and listen to the latest cases as Ron and Robert interview Judges, Lawyers, Mental Health Professionals, and Financial Experts. Learn about child custody, California state child support and spousal support guidelines, how to divide the pots & pans, how to protect yourself from domestic violence, the seven options for divorce in California, and more. Ron and Robert on Divorce offers a complete overview of California Family Law.

What are people saying about our Podcasts?

Dear Ron and Robert,

It is absolutely true, knowledge is power. It is with great appreciation that I write to you and thank you for providing such valuable and useful information regarding the divorce process through your podcasts. The divorce experts you have brought together from all aspects; high powered attorneys, judges, psychologists and mental health professionals, to name just a few, have shared information that have empowered me with knowledge that would not be possible to obtain on my own. You have made a significant contribution to my divorce, as well as to my life and I am grateful beyond words.

Michelle W. CEO of Professional Employment Organization, Northern California