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Divorce Options in California

Our culture has steered most divorces towards the centuries old court process. However, people are beginning to realize that there are other, more modern options that are more suited to their particular goals. Here are the top seven divorce options in California. 


  1. Mediation:  Mediation is a popular alternative to divorce court. Learn more about divorce mediation and how this cost-effective negotiation process works.
  2. Collaborative Divorce:  The cornerstone of the Conscious Uncoupling movement, Collaborative Divorce is quickly gaining momentum as the most popular method of divorce in the United States and Canada.  Collaborative divorce utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, communication skills, and legal strategy to create win-win situations for divorcing couples and their children, for a fraction of the cost of a litigated divorce.
  3. Arbitration:  Similar to Mediation, Arbitration operates in an out-of-court atmosphere, but applies some of the constraints found within the litigation process.
  4. Negotiation in the shadow of Litigation:  Parties hire traditional lawyers, file papers, serve subpoenas, set depositions and conduct formal discovery for eighteen months or two years. After parties run out of money, they sit down to settle.
  5. Rent a Judge:  Many people are not aware that Judges are available to handle divorce cases outside of the court system. Clients may hire Judges without paying the higher costs associated with divorce court.
  6. Litigation - Taking Your Divorce to Court:  The most traditional method of divorce in the United States. We offer a comprehensive guide to divorcing in court. Learn what to expect from the courts, explore the necessary forms and documents, and learn how we work with you to get the most out of the process.
  7. Do-it-Yourself, i.e. the "Kitchen Table" Approach: With the help of the internet, more couples are attempting to divorce without legal counsel. Educate yourself in order to avoid the pitfalls of divorcing without attorney involvement.

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