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Pre-Divorce Survey

Created by: Ron Supancic J.D. & Bruce Derman Ph.D.


We will show you a clearer picture of what lies ahead for you, and how to prepare for this crucial decision. We will discuss your answers to this survey during your initial consultation. (Los Angeles and Ventura Counties Only)

Couples whose marriages are in trouble face difficult decisions, all of which have the potential for serious consequences. Some of these may be:

  • •Is my marriage worth saving?
  • •Will the children be harmed?
  • •What will be the ramifications of our divorce?
  • •How deeply will the divorce alter our lives?
  • •You feel ambivalent about ending the relationship.
  • •You think that you are the most hurt, misunderstood, damaged, or least powerful person in the relationship.
  • •You believe your partner is using a myriad of divorce counterplays as a way to stay married.
  • •You feel intimidated by your partner in addressing and resolving complex and difficult issues.
  • •You think you could have a great divorce if it weren't for the other party.
  • •You believe divorce is your last chance to destroy the other party.

(Note: Be sure to input your contact information at the beginning of the survey, so that we can contact you with your results.)