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Flat Fee Divorce - Managing Legal Costs

There are no short cuts in California, but if you’re looking to manage costs during a divorce, The Law Collaborative can help with our Flat Fee Divorce option.

In the past, we offered three Flat Fee packages; basic, intermediate, and deluxe.  Most people wanted the basic package because it was cheaper, but it included fewer services.  When a couple wanted a service that was not included in the package they purchased, they had an option to add it on à la carte for an extra cost.

When meeting with potential Clients I would explain that this was like ordering an entrée in a restaurant, then adding a drink or dessert.  For some people, the entrée is enough, other people want more.  The restaurant is always happy to serve you more food, but dinner is going to cost more than if you had just stuck with your entrée. 

Most clients understood the pricing policy but despite our explanations, some clients were still unhappy.  They thought it should be “all-you-can-eat.”  So now we offer “all-you-can-eat” pricing after we have conducted our initial intake consultation and explored all your unique issues, concerns, and goals.*  At the end of that consultation, our attorney will give you the choice of paying a Flat Fee or traditional hourly billing against a retainer.

Sometimes we get asked for a quote before a consultation, but that’s like asking for a diagnosis before an examination. “How much does a divorce cost?”  The answer is always “How much divorce do you want to have?”  With the Flat Fee option, the price you are quoted at the end of your consultation is the price you pay.  There are no add-ons.  This provides certainty for our clients, knowing exactly how much their divorce will cost.  

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*Sometimes, Client goals, complex issues, or litigious parties make quoting a Flat Fee option impractical. In that case, our attorney can provide unbundled hourly options that make more sense.