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Why Use a Coach?

How A Coach Contributes To The Collaborative Law Process:

1. Clarify and frame client needs and desires

A coach will:
•    help you and your attorney clarify and prioritize important issues,  
•    help you examine and understand your feelings, and assist with face-to-face meetings between you and your partner.

2. Assist the parties to communicate

A coach will:
•    help you state your needs and desires in ways that makes them easier for your partner to hear,
•    help you to understand and suitably respond to your partner’s needs and desires,
•    help you and your partner process and express difficult feelings,
•    separate volatile emotions from the priorities that must be addressed,
•    help identify and appropriately respond to triggers that may derail communication,
•    assist the entire family to process the changes inherent in a divorce.

3. Facilitate all aspects of the legal settlement

A coach will:
•    facilitate creation of the child custody and access agreement, using specialized knowledge,
•    help the children by helping parties work together effectively to plan the family’s future,
•    assist parties to negotiate a settlement fairly and quickly,   
•    help the attorneys work together productively,
•    achieve parity with the other party's coach,
•    help parties achieve a divorce settlement that is fair, fast and economical.