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Mediating Civil Disputes

California’s historic court crisis has had a terrible impact on the resolution of conflict in all areas of the law.  The courts are so backlogged and litigation is so expensive that our justice system is at risk of becoming a two-tiered system: Justice by trial for the haves, and justice by attrition for the have-nots.

The highly trained mediators at The Law Collaborative Los Angeles utilize their skill and experience to resolve high stakes conflict between parties faster, and at a fraction of the cost of litigation.  We have mediators with vast experience in all areas of civil dispute resolution including breach of contract, landlord-tenant, employment, workplace, personal injury, probate, insurance, neighbor, and family business disputes.    

Utilizing state of the art methods such as Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), and technologies developed by solving conflict all over the world through our work with Mediators Beyond Borders and the Harvard Program on Negotiation, our civil mediators assist people in identifying the sources of conflict, finding creative solutions, and designing enforceable agreements.  This process allows for a win/win outcome and results in greater satisfaction for the parties since they chose the outcome themselves rather than having an outcome thrust upon them.  The result is less overall conflict and a lower chance of future litigation.

To explore the exciting possibilities mediation brings to resolving civil disputes, call one of our skilled mediators today at (818) 348-6700.  Our highly trained attorney mediators are happy to travel to facilitate the resolution of your dispute.