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Child Custody and Child Support

California courts recognize that what was good for your child yesterday may not be good for your child today, and may not have any resemblance to what may be good for your child tomorrow. Since nobody has a crystal ball that can predict your child’s future, California courts retain permanent jurisdiction over children’s issues such as child custody and child support.  That way changing circumstances and needs can be addressed over time.

The family law attorneys at The Law Collaborative, Los Angeles have almost 50 years of experience in dealing with the delicate and critical issues which impact children of divorce. Since our founder was a child of divorce himself, we have a unique insight and particularly well-honed skills regarding children’s issues.

Duty to Protect

All attorneys have an absolute duty to be a zealous advocate for their client, but family law lawyers are placed in a unique situation by our judicial system; Attorneys are Officers of the Court and subsequently have a duty to look out for minor children since minors can’t always look out for themselves.  So a  family law lawyer has a duty not only to the client who pays them, but also to that client’s minor children. At The Law Collaborative Los Angeles, we take that duty to heart and we put a special emphasis on what children need to thrive

If one of our lawyers believes a client or a potential client has another agenda which does not put their child first, we will first counsel them in an effort to help understand their priorities. Most parents love their children and appreciate input which they believe will benefit their children.  Occasionally however, we encounter people who can’t put their emotional agenda aside or they simply refuse to put their child’s needs first.  In those cases we will decline representation.

By taking such a strong stand, we loose certain clients, but we believe any other stance is morally and ethically wrong.

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