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Collaborative Divorce

When couples want to have an amicable divorce, are willing to cooperate, and are willing to put the children's interests before their own, a Collaborative Divorce should be considered. Divorce is an issue that is too large to trust to only one professional discipline. The issues are far too complex to expect one set of experts to have sufficient knowledge, experience, and background to reach the best possible result for all concerned. The client is always in the position of providing the best answer to the complex needs of their family, especially in a time of crisis. The number one job of the divorce professional is to provide education, information, and instruction. The number two job is to model positive, respectful behavior for the parties who, given their situation, are often operating in a state of diminished capacity. The third job is conflict management and dispute resolution. The fourth job is to provide a safe, protected environment for the raising of healthy, whole, and complete children.  


 1. Collaboration teaches children principles of respect and dignity.

2. Provides safety for both children and parents.

3. Uses neutral experts to reduce costs.

4. Satisfies everyone’s need to feel fairly treated.

5. Keeps the financial affairs of the family private.

6. Avoids the blame game and any associated negativity.

7. Reduces hostility and acrimony.

8. Turns the process into an opportunity for education and personal growth.

9. Clearly defines the Rules of Engagement.

10. Prevents surprises, sabotage, or a-bombs.

11. Raises the level of information and increases the likelihood of equity.

12. Results in more solid settlements.

13. Eliminates discovery wars.

14. Avoids the Battle of the Experts.

15. Enables lawyers to focus on legal issues and on problem solving, which are their areas of expertise.

When a Collaborative or Mediated Divorce is not possible, we have a team of skilled family law and divorce litigators who will protect you, your family, and your assets. To find out more about Collaborative Divorce and other divorce options, or to talk to a Los Angeles family law attorney today, call us at (818) 348-6700.