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    The Law Collaborative, Los Angeles is dedicated to addressing divorce needs in a respectful, collaborative manner that resolves conflict, avoids court, and helps families restructure their relationships to benefit all members during and after the divorce. During collaborative cases, we stress five principles:

    • To resolve all issues without litigation
    • To address all aspects of the restructured family  ​
    • To treat the issues on an integrated basis  ​
    • To trust the integrity of the Collaborative Process at all times ​
    • To support families in making their own life choices for change


    • To seek resolution of issues through negotiation, mediation, and other methods of collaborative problem solving
    • To advocate our client's legal rights in a non-adversarial manner
    • To preserve the integrity of relationships by respecting the dignity of each person involved  ​
    • To help children of divorce by reducing the conflict between their parents ​
    • To facilitate cost effective legal procedures for discovery and settlement  ​
    • To use the courts as a last resort, except where immediate protection of persons or property is needed ​
    • To encourage resolutions that work for all parties, minimizing the likelihood of future litigation


    • To treat all with respect and courtesy ​
    • To handle legal matters competently and diligently, in accordance with the highest standards of the profession ​
    • To exercise independent professional judgment on the client’s behalf ​
    • To charge reasonable fees and to explain in advance how those fees will be computed and billed ​
    • To return telephone calls as promptly ​as possible
    • To keep clients informed and provided with copies of important papers ​
    • To respect client decisions regarding objectives to be pursued in each case, as permitted by law and the Rules of Professional Conduct, including whether or not to settle the case ​
    • To preserve client confidences learned within the lawyer-client relationship ​
    • To work within the legal system to make the system more accessible and responsive ​
    • To exhibit the highest degree of ethical conduct in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct and the State Bar Act


    • Service to clients that assures the highest quality of work in the field
    • Spiritual and moral integrity of attorneys and clients
    • Service to the community on a consistent basis
    • Broad, "holistic" perspective regarding client services
    • Commitment to multidisciplinary practice (including psychology, financial services, and workplace consulting, among others)
    • Commitment to expand the use of consensual dispute resolution and collaborative law
    • Flexibility of pricing services to be better serve the community
    • Openness to innovation in services and organizational structure
    • Fairness of compensation to members of the TLC team
    • Support for ancillary work (e.g., teaching and writing) by members of the TLC team
    • Support for additional education for members of the team
    • Sharing with others what we have learned in creating the firm
    • Collegiality and mutual respect – creating community within the office
    • Work-family balance in office planning
    • Consensus-based, democratic decision-making within the office
    • Providing an adequate living for the team
    • Creating an enjoyable workplace environment

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